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Regional Conclaves

Phi Delta Psi Fraternity holds its Conclave every 4 years; each collegiate chapter and colony is required to have at least one representative in attendance.

Phi Delta Psi conducts Regional Conclaves and Conferences in the Spring of each year. There are four such conferences planned for the upcoming year.

Every summer, Phi Delta Psi hosts a Leadership Academy and Dean Certification week-long leadership training conference. In addition, the Fraternity conducts four Regional Servicing Team Planning Conferences in the late summer.

The Coat-of-Arms is a physical manifestation of the ideas and ideals of the Fraternity. All members are permitted to use this symbol of the Fraternity on apparel, stationery, jewelry and paddles for example.

The Great Seal of the Fraternity is for the exclusive use of the National Board and Grand Chapter. It is affixed on all official Fraternity documents and legal paperwork. Its use is prohibited for any decorative purpose.

The Vice President of Membership, alongside active members, are committed to providing support to the functioning of chapters nationwide. This includes chapter recruitment and retention, risk management, alumni support as well as campus involvement and education.

The Lion’s Den is the official magazine of Phi Delta Psi that is published every quarter.