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What are Phi Delta Psi Fraternity Alumni Chapters?

Alumni chapters are important facets of Phi Delta Psi Fraternity. Phi Delta Psi Fraternity membership is a lifetime commitment. Membership in an alumni chapter is a continuation of that commitment. Alumni chapters provide Fraternity alumni with opportunities for continued involvement in Phi Delta Psi Fraternity, albeit on a different level, after their graduation.

Alumni chapters are voluntary organizations. No one is forced to be involved. Generally, alumni chapters provide membership benefits that are similar to those found in collegiate chapters. Social, service, and professional development opportunities are the programming mainstays of Alumni chapters. Alumni chapters, however, provide additional benefits that the collegiate chapters cannot.

An alumni chapter is a continuation of the brotherhood we all experienced as undergraduates. Members who may have completely divergent interests still have the common experience of Fraternity membership. Exciting opportunities, coupled with “that old Fraternity feelings,” give alumni chapters a distinct advantage over other voluntary organizations. In addition, strong alumni chapters provide a continued link to the Fraternity following graduation. Alumni chapters embody the fact that Phi Delta Psi Fraternity is more than a quarterly magazine and memories of days gone by; more than an occasional solicitation and a canceled check. Alumni chapters prove that Phi Delta Psi Fraternity is a living, growing organization dedicated to serving its members for life. Alumni chapters keep members in touch with the Fraternity and the Fraternity in touch with its members. That vital communications link, properly employed, can and will make Phi Delta Psi Fraternity great.

Alumni Chapters

    Alumni chapters are related to specific undergraduate chapters and consist solely of alumni from at least a minimum of two chapters in a geographic area, where applicable. Normally, undergraduate chapters are directly related to an alumni chapter.

    Purposes of an Alumni Chapter

    The purposes of alumni chapters vary from group to group. Most, however, have some basic purposes in common:

  • To advance the name and ideals of Phi Delta Psi Fraternity.
  • To provide social and professional contacts for Phi Delta Psi Fraternity alumni.
  • To give vocational guidance and placement service assistance to alumni and graduating seniors.
  • To provide support for the Fraternity and the Foundation, both financially and through active participation.
  • To make and maintain contact with other Phi Delta Psi Fraternity alumni.
  • To foster healthy Fraternity/community relations.
  • To provide an outlet for community service and civic involvement for Phi Delta Psi Fraternity alumni.
  • To assist recent graduates and other alumni new to the area in their transition.
  • To reinforce that Phi Delta Psi Fraternity is an organization spanning the lifetime of its members.
  • To provide a representative vote of alumni at Quadrennial National Conclaves.

    For further details. Please contact the National Board of Directors.